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Nondestructive evaluation of flow properties in thermally aged Cr–Mo–V steel using instrumented indentation tests


J.-Y. Kim Æ J.-J. Lee Æ K.-W. Lee Æ D. Kwon

Press and Date of publication

Received: 6 August 2008 / Accepted: 8 April 2009 / Published online: 24 April 2009

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Instrumented indentation technique has been

utilized to assess the flow properties in X20CrMoV12.1

steel, widely used in power generation facilities, at various

heat treatment stages simulating thermal aging during the

service. The steel samples were heat treated at 600 and

650 _C for 1–2,000 h and flow properties were evaluated at

various heating temperature and times by instrumented

indentation tests using spherical indenter. Microstructure

evolution after various heat treatments has been investigated

to correlate the degradation of flow properties with

the microstructure evolution due to thermal aging. We

show that the degradation in flow properties in the steel

sample can be described by Larson–Miller parameter