Hybrid Micro-AIS(F)

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Evaluational equipment of mechanical properties, residual stress, thickness testing and electrolytic polishing at Micro-scale

The Hybrid Micro-AIS(F) is an All-in-one Measurement Solution System

allowing the variety of test operations such as the evaluation of

mechanical properties, verification of construction,

thickness measurement and others in one device system by putting and

integrating the instrumented indentation test, thickness measurement,

surface treatment and test inspection technologies together.







  • Highly mobile portable inspector (Embedded Interface device)
  • Evaluation system for tensile properties and residual stress with Instrumented Indentation Test
  • Highly mobile portable inspector (Embedded Interface device)
  • Determination of thinning presence for test target through thickness testing module
  • Electrolytic module for chemical polishing of sectional area
  • Surface inspection module for observation of minute construction of test target


Indentation Testing Module

Φ72 x 212mm

Weight 2.3 kg
Max. Test Load 2 kgf
(Load / Displacement)

0.03 gf / 0.1 um

Max. Transfer Distance 20 mm
Test Speed 0.05 ~ 20 mm/min
Load Retaining Time 0 ~ 999 sec
Load Control Type Motorized automatic control
Comm. Type USB
Data Processing Speed 50 point/sec (20ms)


Thickness Testing Module
Thickness Measuring Range

2 ~ 200 mm

Resolution 0.1 mm
Operation Mode Single point Mode
Comm. Type



Electrolytic Polishing Module
Electrolytic Polishing
Rectification Current

0 ~ 60 Volts, 1.5A

Electrolytic Etching
Rectification Current
0 ~ 6 Volts, 1.5A
Surface Illumination Over Sand paper No. #1200 applicable
Comm. Type


Electrolytic Polishing Load 1 ~ 10 kgf
Load Control Type Motorized automatic control


Surface Inspection System
Power Supply


Image Sensor 1/3" 720P HD Color CMOS w/WDR function
Sensitivity 3650 mV / lux.sec
Light source

Built-in white LED

Dynamic Range 115 dB
Max. Magnification X550
Comm. Type USB
FOCUS Motorized automatic control


  • Tensile properties software based on the theory of IIT (Instrumented Indentation Technique)
  • Possible to load All-in-one software (tensile properties, residual stress, hardness, ultrasonic thickness, electrolytic polishing, surface inspection software)
  • Possible to measure and analyze in real time by using a laptop 
  • Capable of relative assessment at a later date by compiling the database with test result
  • Creation of report applicable with test result as necessary
  • Possible to add analyzing module and customize software by user’s requests
Tensile Properties Installed
Residual Stress Option
Hardness Option
Ultrasonic Thickness Option
Electrolytic Polishing Option
Surface Inspection Option