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All-in-one equipment to measure mechanical properties and residual stress in Nano-scales

Unlike existing nano equipment, Material Properties Tester NANO-

AIS is a testing equipment that evaluates residual stress and tensile

properties at nano scale. Using instrumented indentation technique, we

obtained indentation load –displacement curve and it was applied to

self-developed technology to evaluate residual stress between the

layers, and tensile properties of grain and grain boundary.

NANO-AIS uses Piezo Actuation System for precise control of the load

and approval and it also features to block external environmental

elements such as outside temperature and vibration. Furthermore, it

comes with high magnification optical microscope for the test location,

and it is replaceable with special microscope like atomic force

microscopy as user demands. For user’s convenience, it comes with

software that features various automated testing system, analysis and

reports preparation.







Model Nano-AIS
Size (Weight) 630 x 800 x 470 mm (120 kg)
Maximum Load max 200 mN

10nN / 0.04 nm

Full Stroke 25 mm
Loading Rate 0 ~ 2.5 mm/min
Communication USB
Data Acquisition Rate 10~100/sec (Option)
Power (adapter) 220 Vac
Analyzing Computer
Desktop PC
Indenter Spherical Indenter(Dia. 1um)
Berkovich tip
Attachment (Lab) Automatic X-Y-Z axis stage
Puck & tray jig
Vision X2000
  • Non-destructive Tensile property evaluation for Nano scale material
  • Laboratory type IIT system (Automatic test module)
  • Piezo actuation system with Non-contact Capacitance sensor
  • Jog Shuttle function for remote control and 3-Axis stage operation
  • Temperature sensor
  • Soundproof system(option)
  • Isothermal-isohumidity control system(option)
  • Contact for thermal chamber tester (option: ~ 200℃)


  • Tensile properties software and Nano-hardness based on the theory of IIT (Instrumented Indentation Technique)
  • Possible to measure and analyze in real time by using a desktop
  • Possible to load All-in-one software (hardness, fracture toughness software)
  • Access code assignment method through logging in
  • One-click automatic test (Full automatic software) and adopting software to change a testing location automatically.
  • Embedding auto Multi-mapping, selecting, image test modules
  • Embedding a manual testing module for the user convenience (Direct Control Method)
  • Video focus Control and testing location control function (Right-Left)
Tensile Properties Option
Residual Stress Option
Hardness Installed