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Non-destructive equipment for auto and repeated test

New laboratory type model. AIT-U (Advanced Indentation System –U) is

dedicated test equipment to measure tensile properties and Vickers

hardness in the laboratories.

Full automatic test function and self-inspection system are included for

easy operation. Indentation module and Control PC are attached to the

equipment to allow user to install in a limited space.




Model AIT-U
Size (Weight) 600 x 500 x 1400 mm (220 kg)
Maximum Load 200 kgf

5.6 gf / 0.1 um

Full Stroke 40 mm
Loading Rate 0.05 ~ 30 mm/min
Communication USB
Data Acquisition Rate 100 point/sec
Power (adapter) AC110~220V (free voltage)
Analyzing Computer
Integrative model combining equipment and control PC
Indenter Spherical Indenter (WC)(Dia. 0.5 / 1.0 mm)
Sharp indenter (Option)
Attachment (Lab) Automatic X-Y-Z axis stage
  • Non-destructive Tensile properties evaluation
  • Laboratory type IIT system (Automatic test module)
  • LCD Touch Panel(outer input device attachable for requirements)
  • Laser distance measurement
  • Self calibration
  • LED lightning
  • Automatic Moving System
  • Jog Shuttle function for remote control and 3-Axis stage operation
  • Conventional Workstation with storage space


  • Tensile properties software based on the theory of IIT (Instrumented Indentation Technique) - evaluation items : yield strength, tensile strength, work-hardening exponent, elastic modulus
  • Realize real-time measuring system such as existed AIS series.
  • One-click automatic test (Full automatic software) and adopting software to change a testing location automatically.
  • Embed a auto-mapping test module
  • Possible to use independent AIT-U software suitable for operating all-in-one touch panel.
  • Software adopted with touch-screen method and possible to use AIT-U software with consisted of a existed external input device.
  • Adopt self-inspection software of IIT system.
  • Possible to control 3-axis stage automatically by using multi-function key of the software.
Tensile Properties Installed
Residual Stress -
Hardness Option