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Hello. FRONTICS, Inc.

as we said about earlier, we participated in METALEX 2017 exhibit from 22,

November, 2017 to 25, November, 2017 at BITEC in Thailand.


[ FRONTICS, Inc. booth ]



[ Products of FRONTICS]


AIS3000 and 2100 that we are developed were shown in the this exhibition.

Residual Stress Test AIS3000 (Advanced Indentation System
3000) is portable indentation system for non-destructive residual stress
evaluation. Residual stress in a material shifts the indentation load-
depth curve. The load-depth curve shifts to right or left side when tensile
or compressive residual stress is applied, respectively. The lower load is
needed to reach the same depth when the tensile residual stress is
applied, and the higher load when compressive residual stress
Therefore, AIS3000 can measure quantitative values for residual stress if
it know the relationship between the load gap and residual stress.


[ Consultation of technology ]


We described our technique of hardware and software and
explained how to use this product in field.
and we displayed AIS2100 and 3000 plamodel and
have a great time which introduce customers to our various product.




[ with agency of FRONTICS ]


We will continually try to develop in not only domestic area
but also abroad area. Please expect continuous growth of FRONTICS, Inc.